Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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The Thrill of Online Casino

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aviva Insurance Plans Add Capital

Jakarta, Indonesia PT Aviva Insurance plans capital increase with the development of the company's business.

"In accordance with the development of business we need additional capital," said Albert Wanandi, Vice President Director of PT Asuransi Aviva Indonesia after the launch of products "Global Health" in collaboration with PT Bank DBS Indonesia in Jakarta, Monday (07-16-2012).

The addition of this capital funding will be derived from the share holder (owner) and not from loans and bonds. However, about how much capital will be added later, Albert can not ensure. "That certainly would add capital," he said.

While Aviva Insurance currently has equity of more than Rp100 billion. "Our capital is little more than the provisions required the Ministry of Finance,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

This is the Best Insurance in Indonesian 2012

This is the Best Insurance in Indonesian 2012

In general, the insurance industry in Indonesia recorded positive business development in 2011 and, seen from the figures on the growth of financial indicators.

Life insurance premium income growth rate (premium immediate closure) 26.02%, insurance general closure of the direct premium growth recorded 20.04%, and reinsurance premiums recorded a growth of 17.65% indirect closure. While the indicator of profit after tax, life insurance industry recorded growth of 41.63%, 43.58% of general insurance, reinsurance and 23.51%. The figures obtained from the 130 companies included in the ranking Insurance Media conducted this year, the 44 life insurance companies, 82 general insurance and reinsurance four companies.

Currently in Indonesia operates four reinsurance companies, 44 life insurance companies, 83 general insurance companies, five social security insurance company, so that overall there are 136 insurance and reinsurance companies. Five insurance companies social security and a general insurance company has not published financial statements, not data processed. In Insurance Award 2012 ceremony that took place on Thursday (07.06.2012) last night, it was decided there were 27 -12 and casualty insurance companies, 12 insurance soul, and a three-reinsurance as Best Insurance 2012.

Twenty-seven insurance companies are best suited to its peer group, ie, reinsurance, insurance companies (life and general) to Rp750 billion to the equity, insurance companies (life and general) to Rp250-750 billion of equity, insurance companies (life and general) to Rp100, 250 billion of equity, and insurance companies (life and general) to Rp100 billion equity down. From 82 general insurance companies that have issued financial balance no later than 30 April 2012, only nine companies that posted losses in 2011. Numbers decline over the previous year, of which 13 companies posted losses.

While in life insurance, there are 44 companies from eight companies that lose money in 2011, better than the previous year by 12 companies. While life insurance assets in 2011 grew 24.66%, from Rp181, 08 trillion a year earlier to Rp225, 74 2011.Dari trillion in assets of that, the life insurance market is still dominated by the 15 largest companies. Visible with 87.69% market share or reach Rp197, 95 trillion.

Compared to 2010, the dominance of these 15 life insurance companies continues to expand, because the previous year only controlled 86.91% market share in terms of assets. In terms of premiums, the company holds a 15 premium income of 78.76% or Rp73, 98 trillion of the total achievement of the overall premium Rp93, 93 trillion. In the meantime, the general insurer also recorded a good performance last year. General insurance gross premium grew 20.86%, from Rp24, 93 trillion in 2010 to Rp30, 13 trillion in 2011. While the underwriting result rose 28.36%, from Rp 5, 03 trillion in 2010 to Rp 6, 46 trillion years ago. gross reinsurance premiums also increased, which is 19.97%. From Rp2, 02 trillion in 2010 to Rp2, 42 trillion in 2011. While the reinsurance underwriting result rose 33.9% to Rp251, 49 billion in 2011, from Rp187, 82 billion in 2010. increase in gross premiums, both general insurance and reinsurance companies, much higher than the gross claims payable by the general insurance and reinsurance companies. Gross claims general insurance companies grew only 9.22% during 2011 to Rp12, 76 trillion. While the gross reinsurance claims even decreased by 0.09% to Rp1, 54 trillion during 2011. A total of 15 general insurance companies with the largest assets, controls 72.47% or Rp38, 72 trillion of total assets of 82 general insurance companies in 2011 amounting to Rp53 , 43 trillion. Asset share of the market leaders are indeed slightly eroded, as in the previous year to reach 73.04%. As for the best insurance companies for 2012 consist of life insurance, PT Sinarmas MSIG Insurance, PT Indolife Pensiontama, PT Life Insurance Inhetalth for equity in excess of Rp750 billion. Medium-750 to Rp250 billion equity PT Cigna Insurance, Life Insurance Adisaranan Wanartha PT, PT Bringin Life Insurance Welfare was named the best insurance.

While for equity Rp100-250 billion, the best achieved by PT insurance Life Insurance Family Takaful Limited Equity Life Indonesia and PT AXA Financial Indonesia. And for equity of Rp 100 billion to the bottom, the best insurance is occupied PT Al Amin Islamic Insurance, Life Insurance PT Tugu Mandiri, PT Eka Life Insurance hex. For general insurance, best insurance obtained PT Adira Insurance, Insurance PT Sinar Mas, PT Astra Insurance traveled to equity in excess of Rp750 billion. Medium-750 to Rp250 billion equity insurance is the best PT Multi Arta Guna Insurance Tbk, PT Bina Dana Arta Insurance Limited Insurance Export Indonesia (Persero).

While the General Insurance Mega PT, PT Indonesia and PT Reliance Insurance Insurance is a winner for equity Tripakarta Rp100-250 billion. And for equity of Rp 100 billion to the bottom, the best insurance held by PT Insurance Asoka Mas, PT Insurance Artarindo, PT Arthagraha General Insurance.